Horn of Plenty The Remixes

Horn of Plenty was originally released in November 2004, and then re-released with a bonus CD of remixes one year later.



  1. Campfire (Efterklang remix)
  2. Merge (Dntel remix)
  3. A Good Place (Soft Pink Truth's Blow by Blow Remix)
  4. Eavesdropping (Simon Bookish remix)
  5. Don't Ask (Alpha remix)
  6. Fix It (Solex's Foxy remix)
  7. Deep Sea Diver (The Bomarr Monk remix)
  8. Shift (Son remix)
  9. Showcase (Phiiliip's Overflowing Trophy Case remix)
  10. La Duchesse Anne (Safety Scissors Extra Towels remix)
  11. Service Bell (Black Mustache remix)
  12. This song (Dr. Cuerpo of the Double remix)
  13. Campfire (Hisham Bharoocha & Rusty Santos remix)
  14. Don't Ask (Final Fantasy remix)
  15. Shift (Circlesquare remix)
  16. Deep Sea Diver (Castanets remix)
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