Diary debuts "Brush Pile" at Flood Magazine

Today we are releasing more new music from NYC's Diary. "Brush Pile" is a jittery psych-pop track that oscillates between feelings of agoraphobia and FOMO. The sensation of being completely drained and the anxious rush of popping another caffeine pill. Diary draws inspiration from Sonic Youth and No Wave guitar sounds, but also the sugar-crushed alt-rock vibes of 'Siamese Dream' and early Sloan records. First listen/watch at Flood Magazine “Brush Pile” which maintains the noisiness of its predecessor while venturing into the territories of ’80s no-wave, ’90s grunge, and ’00s post-punk revivalism—all while the vocals feel largely indebted to Lou […]

Diary shares new single "Sunday's Shadow"

NYC’s Diary is releasing “Sunday’s Shadow”, a song pulled from the vacant dream-states that come the day after a long night. Diary continues to evolve their dreamy-but-grounded take on pop rooted in hazy textures and sparkly melodies. Bendis says, “When I first heard (guitarist) Chris’ chord progression, it took me back to getting my aura photographed down on Canal Street years ago. The shop-owner described the aura as looking tired and not really there. It felt like an echo for that entire day. Sundays can be like that—you find yourself in an ephemeral place between the haze of sleep and […]

Blushing's tour starts today, new clip for Sugarcoat out now

Blushing have just released the music video for the title track off their new album “Sugarcoat”. The video features members Michelle Soto and Christina Carmona in a moody performance, twisting with undulating candy visuals in a Wonka infused nightmare. On “Sugarcoat” the band switches up their normal performance roles with Michelle taking on lead vocals and Christina providing haunting background vocals. The song is a bass forward, contemplative groove that has elements of industrial, slow core and dark pop with bassist Christina’s love of Nine Inch Nails on full display. Lyrically Michelle says she wrote this song from the perspective […]

Blushing's "Sugarcoat" is out today! Go see Blushing on tour

Blushing's third LP "Sugarcoat" is out today! Red vinyl is available online and in stores now. Go stream Sugarcoat  in full now. “Blushing’s distinct blend of dream pop and shoegaze distills all the whimsy and sunshine of an Austin afternoon into a song.” PASTE MAG “They make swirling shoegaze music that pays homage to the subgenre’s greats” UPROXX "Austin dream-pop quartet Blushing create music that feels like a lost tape from the ’90s but still stands on its own in the modern age.” ALTERNATIVE PRESS “[Blushing’s] cottony dream pop undercut with a hint of discordant grunge is just the right […]

dust shares new single Trust U See, supporting Interpol on tour

Today, dust release a new single ‘Trust U See’, their first new music in a year, since the release of debut EP et cetera, etc. Trust U See is an alarming and visceral sonic exploration of underlying feelings. It is a literal lyrical recount of Justin's searching for pain relief and feeling frustrated, paralleled with messages of trust, relationships and frustration. Stream Trust U See. Dust debut ep, "Et cetera, etc" is out now on vinyl and streaming - along with some fun remixes exploring genres outside their own. In the fall, Dust will be opening for Interpol. All upcoming […]

Punchlove touring the UK, including Focus Wales

Punchlove is touring the UK for the first time next month! Including multiple dates at FOCUS Wales.   5/5 - Nottingham, ENG @ Rough Trade 5/7 - Cardiff, WAL @ The Moon 5/9 - Wrexham, WAL @ FOCUS Wales / Wynnstay Arms Hotel (5:40pm) 5/9 - Wrexham, WAL @ FOCUS Wales / The Rockin’ Chair (9:15pm) 5/11 - Wrexham, WAL @ FOCUS Wales / The Parish 5/12 - London, ENG @ Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes 5/13 - London, ENG @ Old Blue Last

Blushing releases Slyce, their most experimental collab yet. Sugarcoat out May 3rd

Austin based alternative, dream pop band Blushing releases Slyce today, which sees them dipping into the psychedelic realm. The hypnotic drive of Slyce broadcasts Blushing at their most sonically experimental, so it is only fitting that it was recorded in an experimental way. “[Sugarcoat] is an album sculpted from warm, harmonious feelings. The simmering summers of Austin seep through the layers of instrumentation, breezing by like an alluring daydream.” Paste Magazine The last song to be recorded during the “Sugarcoat” sessions, the band’s only option for recording was to utilize the Austin Community College recording studio where producer and engineer […]

Agent blå STAB! out today

STAB! is out today! You can order gatefold, black vinyl here. STAB! brings a wider musical array with influences from krautrock, instrumental & psychedelic music, while still staying true to their post-punk heritage.  “Seamlessly incorporates post punk and shoegaze influences, presenting a distinctive sound characterized by reverberating guitars, evocative melodies, and poignant vocals” Darkeninheart Agent blå is Emelie Alatalo (vocals), Felix Skorvald (guitar, synth), Lucas Gustavsson (guitar), Sebastian Falk (bass), Arvid Christensen (drums) & Tobias Bauer (keys, guitar, percussion).

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