Weeping Icon

Weeping Icon's debut LP. Green vinyl (preorder exclusive). Cloudy white vinyl available at indie retail stores. Black everywhere else.



  1. (drag me out)
  2. Ankles
  3. (you should listen to me)
  4. Be Anti
  5. (safe space)
  6. Ripe For Consumption
  7. (in the news)
  8. Natural Selection
  9. (suits)
  10. Power Trip
  11. (the way it is)
  12. Like Envy
  13. (perfect the art)
  14. Control

Weeping Icon - Like Envy (Official Video)

Weeping Icon - Control (Official Video)

Weeping Icon - Ripe for Consumption (Official Video)

"Like Envy" by Weeping Icon - BTR Live Studio [ep854]

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