Friends For Now

Young Prisms album “Friends For Now” comes in digipak CD or gatefold LP + mp3 with translucent dark purple vinyl (even though in the store the sticker says translucent black which is what we were going for, but hey, purple is awesome too). Also super limited yellow cassette run (+mp3s).

For the music, consider this a warning issued with an inviting grin: this music will make you want to drop acid and become a recluse. Or it will make you jump up and down in a dark crowded room while your eardrums bleed. Or it will make you want to read Sarte, or graphic comic books, or maybe Hunter Thompson. And in one hundred years when people want to know what it felt like to be young on the West Coast in the early new millennium, they might just put on this record.



  1. Friends For Now
  2. If You Want To
  3. Sugar
  4. Eleni
  5. In Your Room
  6. All Day Holiday
  7. Breathless
  8. Feel Fine
  9. I Don't Get Much
  10. Stay Awake

Young Prisms 'Friends For Now'

Young Prisms - Breathless

Young Prisms- Sugar

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