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“An effortless debut” NME

“You could hardly ask for a better summertime LP” UNDER THE RADAR

"A fuzzy, reverb-heavy sound with some extremely catchy hooks" THE LINE OF BEST FIT

"Careers, mixes hazy, lazy dream pop with the fuzzy crunch (and poor posture) of Nineties four-track indie rock, and throws in the odd Clueless reference for good measure." ROLLING STONE ( Artist You Need to Know)

"Re-sparking our love of infectious, sweetly buzzing pop melodies..." GORILLA VS BEAR

“What raises Beverly and their debut, Careers, above the crop of like-minded groups, however, is their melodic approach and unparalleled harmonies.” POPMATTERS

“Careers plays as an ideal primer in indie pop perfection.” POPMATTERS

“'Careers,' is what I will personally keep in heavy rotation all summer long.” JAMES REED FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE

“What also becomes clear is that Citron was ready to do her own thing, Rose is likely the best collaborator she could have hoped for, and the duo manage to transcend their influences delivering a strong and promising first record.” ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“Careers isn't a nostalgia trip, it's an excellent example of noise pop at its best. And it's a coming-out party for Citron.” ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“Urgent yet dreamy, this breathtaking dose of psychedelia mixes ethereal female harmonies, a soaring melody, and surging beats to dazzling effect.” MOTHER JONES

"A 10-song batch of magic-hour-imbued rockers that recalls Amps-era Kim Deal and the shining moments of '80s indie-pop band the Shop Assistants." INTERVIEW MAGAZINE

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