Diary shares new single "Sunday's Shadow"

NYC’s Diary is releasing “Sunday’s Shadow”, a song pulled from the vacant dream-states that come the day after a long night. Diary continues to evolve their dreamy-but-grounded take on pop rooted in hazy textures and sparkly melodies.

Bendis says, “When I first heard (guitarist) Chris’ chord progression, it took me back to getting my aura photographed down on Canal Street years ago. The shop-owner described the aura as looking tired and not really there. It felt like an echo for that entire day. Sundays can be like that—you find yourself in an ephemeral place between the haze of sleep and the waking world. That’s where this song lives.”

Formed post-college by friends Chris Croarkin and Kevin Bendis, Diary is now joined by Adam Sachs, Jessica Dye and Giancarlo Saldarriaga. Having played around NYC for several years, Diary has previously released, The Cutting Garden EP, which was inspired by everything from Echo and the Bunnymen to The Byrds.

Upcoming Dates
Jun 12 Brooklyn, NY -  Brooklyn Made
Jun 29 Brooklyn, NY – Main Drag Music

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