Dinowalrus release debut album %

The Dinowalrus is not a gatefold jacket – picture is just showing front and back. All vinyl includes mp3 download code. Coming January 19 to iTunes & eMusic, etc.

- Poptartssucktoasted

“It’s the way I like my noise rock; fast paced, percussive, and maintaining just enough structure to pass for actual songs.”

- NY Press

“Dinowalrus definitely psychs you out, and occasionally bursts into face-peeling shred, but what it really comes off as is a pre-Perestroika Krautrock broadcast picking up pirate AOR-and-disco playlists from some buried offshore wire, and then rocking that shit backwards in really tight pants. It’s pretty great.”

- Impose Magazine

“Dinowalrus actually makes sleek music from the future that simultaneously shares a lot of roots with early New Order, Brooklyn spazz-prog 2008, psychedelics abusers, and the dreams I had last night about manatees. It’s all adhered together with Spaceman 3 era reverb.”

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