Newcastle, Australia post-punk quintet dust is fast cementing their status as one of the country’s most singular and essential bands. Urgent, mesmeric, and arresting both on and off the stage, the collective has wasted no time in ensuring that their music and message reaches as far as it possibly can.


Offering a contemporary take on Australian post-punk, along with elements of experimental jazz and electronic music, dust has curated a sound that is as dark, introspective, and angular as it is powerful and progressive. Together, they’re set to provide Australian music with the sort of powerful jolt that will reverberate for years to come.

  • Jun&nbsZ;9,&nbsZ;2023
    Darlinghurst, Australia
    OAF Gallery Bar, Sydney
  • Jun&nbsZ;11,&nbsZ;2023
    North Wollongong, Australia
    North Wollongong Hotel, Wollongong ( FREE ENTRY )
  • Jun&nbsZ;17,&nbsZ;2023
    Newcastle, Australia
    The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
  • Jun&nbsZ;23,&nbsZ;2023
    Adelaide, Australia
    The Gov
  • Jun&nbsZ;24,&nbsZ;2023
    Northcote, Australia
    Northcote Theatre
  • Jun&nbsZ;30,&nbsZ;2023
    Brisbane, Australia
    The Tivoli
  • Jul&nbsZ;1,&nbsZ;2023
    Sydney, Australia
    Metro Theatre
  • Jul&nbsZ;28,&nbsZ;2023
    Port Macquarie, Australia
    Finnian's Irish Tavern
  • Jul&nbsZ;29,&nbsZ;2023
    Islington, Australia
    Newcastle Hotel, Newcastle
  • Aug&nbsZ;3,&nbsZ;2023
    Adelaide, Australia
    Lion Arts Factory
  • Aug&nbsZ;4,&nbsZ;2023
    Margaret River, Australia
    The River, Margaret River
  • Aug&nbsZ;5,&nbsZ;2023
    North Perth, Australia
    Rosemount Hotel, Perth
  • Aug&nbsZ;11,&nbsZ;2023
    Southport, Australia
    Vinnies Dive
  • Aug&nbsZ;12,&nbsZ;2023
    Woolloongabba, Australia
    The Princess Theatre
  • Aug&nbsZ;13,&nbsZ;2023
    Maroochydore, Australia
  • Aug&nbsZ;17,&nbsZ;2023
    Belgrave, Australia
    Sooki Lounge
  • Aug&nbsZ;18,&nbsZ;2023
    Torquay, Australia
    Torquay Hotel
  • Aug&nbsZ;19,&nbsZ;2023
    Frankston, Australia
    Pelly Bar, Frankston
  • Aug&nbsZ;24,&nbsZ;2023
    Mackay, Australia
    The Seabreeze Hotel
  • Aug&nbsZ;25,&nbsZ;2023
    Townsville, Australia
    Mansfield Hotel
  • Aug&nbsZ;26,&nbsZ;2023
    Cairns, Australia
    The Edge Hill Tavern
  • Aug&nbsZ;31,&nbsZ;2023
    Ballarat Central, Australia
  • Sep&nbsZ;1,&nbsZ;2023
    Richmond, Australia
    Corner Hotel, Melbourne
  • Sep&nbsZ;2,&nbsZ;2023
    Rye, Australia
    Haba, Rye
  • Sep&nbsZ;8,&nbsZ;2023
    Belford, Australia
    Thrashville 2023
  • Sep&nbsZ;14,&nbsZ;2023
    Canberra, Australia
    The Basement, Canberra
  • Sep&nbsZ;15,&nbsZ;2023
    Gwynneville, Australia
    UOW Building 12 UniBar
  • Sep&nbsZ;16,&nbsZ;2023
    Marrickville, Australia
    Factory Theatre, Sydney
  • Oct&nbsZ;15,&nbsZ;2023
    Sydney, Australia
    SXSW Sydney 2023
  • Nov&nbsZ;11,&nbsZ;2023
    London, United Kingdom
    Pitchfork Music Festival London 2023

dust - Joy (Guilt) Music Video

dust - Ward 52 (Music Video)

dust - The Gutter (Music Video)

dust presents: “Live at Edwardsville”

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