Eternal Summers "Correct Behavior" out now

“This album rocks mightily right from the beginning” “they made a really great indie pop record that sounds great and is loads of fun to listen to repeatedly” ALL MUSIC

“A slice of post-punk bliss” TINY MIX TAPES

“Correct Behavior feels like the band’s breakout album, and not just because it showcases a bigger sound– but for the much more literal reason that a lot of these songs are about breaking out.” PITCHFORK

“Eternal Summers, has expanded sizably on sophomore effort Correct Behavior, building on their debut’s ramshackle indiepop foundation with stadium-sized hooks, extra layers of guitar, and loads of reverb.” EMUSIC REVIEW

“The epic, booming hooks on their new record, Correct Behavior, though, foretell much bigger (and louder) things on the horizon.” EMUSIC FEATURE

“Eternal Summers’ second album is a filled-out, polished-up (but not slick) update of their catchy, hook-filled indie pop.” ALL MUSIC

“Eternal Summers have made a record that’s sonically cohesive without compromising any of its component parts.” CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

“When she sings without all of the quirky cracks and cute accents, she is unstoppable and quite mesmerizing.” CMJ

“Post punk spiked indie-pop” “Eternal Summers have gone from promising might-be’s, to professional rockers in a relatively short time.” EARBUDDY

“Sonically, Behavior sounds a little like the Pixies’ Doolittle, but the two records also share a fiendishly liberated, unpredictable spirit.” THE BOSTON PHOENIX

“On ‘Millions’ a confident collision of the band’s opposing instincts, a near-motorik beat buttressed by Wire-like riffing and warm feedback swells serves Nicole Yun’s sweet vocal naturally.” MAGNET MAGAZINE

“This feeling of astonishment continues, as the band lays down hit after hit in the main bulk of the album.” AUSTIN TOWN HALL

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