Garden Centre announces "Searching for a Stream" for May 19, stream "Shock Site"

Can you hear what I’m saying, am I losing you? Are we still connected? I can’t see you, the stream’s frozen.

For years, Garden Centre’s Max Levy has been searching for a steady stream. A stream to watch sports on, a stream to glean information from, and occasionally, he’ll immerse himself shin-deep in an actual, physical stream: an activity that pulls him in closest to the hum of the universe. Living is a fractured and fractious experience. A stream is a promise of resonance, unifying our innermost being with our outside reality. 

Today, Garden Centre announces "Searching for a Stream, " an album about streams, for release on May 19th via Kanine & Specialist Subject Records (Europe) with the release of first single "Shock Site." Stream Shock Site and presave the album now. Limited copies of yellow vinyl available for preorder here or at Bandcamp.


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