Hoorsees releases new single Jansport from A Superior Athlete out Apr 22

Hoorsees releases second new single from upcoming “A Superior Athlete” continuing their whimsical exploration of pop culture touchstones and everyday absurdities, name checking Modest Mouse, Pavement, Rush Hour, Yu-gi-oh cards and of course, Jansport. Previous clip for single Week-end at Bernie’s saw the band head into the great outdoors to take on golfing. With Jansport they head into a bright, huge gym for a not so leisurely game of badminton. Hoorsees says, “Their ‘loser-vibe’ meets an energetic disco beat that results in some sort of ambiguous happy nostalgia.” Reminiscent of Pavement or The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Hoorsees lays the foundations for a rhythmic look of disillusioned disco that could have been composed by The Virgins. Check out the video, stream the new single in full and preorder A Superior Athlete today.

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