Living Hour shares "Miss Miss Miss" from Someday is Today out Sep 2

Today, Living Hour shares another new track "Miss Miss Miss"  from the upcoming "Someday is Today" out Sep 2nd.

"Miss Miss Miss" is about growing up in Winnipeg and continuing to live in the same town as a budding adult. My whole life I’ve driven, biked, bussed, gotten rides up and down Portage Avenue time and time again. In so many different headspaces and seasons of my life I’ve passed the same neon horse sign of the Palomino Club. This song is a celebration of the horse, constantly climbing higher, up and away from Portage Ave, my secret symbol of hope, a beauty to behold. Then, one day, the Palomino Club and the horse were gone. I miss I miss I miss seeing my roadside Queen." - Sam Sarty

About the video: "To me “Miss Miss Miss” is a song of reminiscence and a longing for the past– a sentiment that is not only present in the narrative of this music video but that I hope is also felt through the visual style. These themes made the entire process very nostalgic for me, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work on this with Living Hour!" - Rebekah Heppner (video director/animator)

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