Living Hour releases collaboration with Peel Dream Magazine, stream "Double Bus" today

During the past year Living Hour started collaborating remotely as a band and with other musicians. When brainstorming artists Living Hour wanted to work with, Joe from Peel Dream Magazine came up many times.

Double Bus quickly formed into a dense and mystical sonic landscape with vibraphones, marimbas, bells, banjos, and strings weaving in and out of the song atop a bed of Casio keyboards, drum machines and acoustic guitars. Sam and Joe's voices mesh really beautifully, and their singing styles give the song a natural, intimate, and organic sound. The lyrics came from a poem that Joe wrote while listening to a keyboard loop Living Hour made, exploring percussive sounds in words. The song was mixed by Ben Lumsdaine who played drums on a few of the songs on Living Hour's new album to be released in 2022. For now, close your eyes and get lost in Double Bus.

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