Lucid Express shares Hotel 65

Lucid Express shares new single and video “Hotel 65”, the final release preceding the young shoegaze group’s debut album release digitally on July 16th and vinyl out August 6th. “Hotel 65” is a crash course in the atmospheric moods that pervade this album; finding the band gently oscillating between crunching walls of sound and sparkling airy passages. Lyrically, the track name checks the guesthouse where the group’s singer Kim Ho stayed when visiting the UK and speaks of a relationship that should never have happened between two strangers who know that their time together was only going to be brief. Alongside their last single release, “Hollowers”, it’s another song that contributes to the sense of uncertainty and impermanence that permeates the Lucid Express album. A sense established from the opening track “North Acton”, which acknowledges that “none of this would last forever” to the melancholy wish of the album closer “Ride The Night”, which dreams of being able to stretch an evening into eternity.

The “Hotel 65” video is crafted as a collage of footage taken from the band’s travels in their native Hong Kong, as well as in Vietnam, Japan, the UK and the United States. These flashes of scenery reflect the lyrical turns of the song, while being interspersed with the words themselves scrawled onto mirrors, notebooks and paper scraps. “Hotel 65” follows the release of “Hollowers” (featuring Adam Honingford of The Bilinda Butchers) and the band’s gently defiant “Wellwave” single with its hazy music video shot on Tai Mo Shan, the tallest mountain in Hong Kong.

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