Meet our latest signing: PINACT!

We are very excited to announce the new signing of the Glasgow based duo PINACT. Their debut album Stand Still and Rot will be out May 19th (digital and cassette). Preorder at Kanine.It was recorded by the excellent MJ of Hookworms.

"A Scottish duo with fuzzy antidotes pouring out from the seams." - DIY

“Louder than two-pieces really ought to be, this duo pit melodic vocals against the fuzz and squeals of a battle-worn Fender Mustang, creating something heavy and frenetic.” - NME

1. Stand Still And Rot
2. Anxiety
3. Scars
4. Into The One
5. Negative Thoughts And Jealousy
6. Limbs
7. Brew
8. Terrapin
9. Up Or Down
10. The Beginning of the End
11. Spill Yr Guts, Let Out Some Noise
12. Novembore


*Feb 19 Brudnell Social Club, Leeds, England
*Feb 20 Roll For The Soul, Bristol, England
*Feb 21 Talk Bar, Birmingham, England
*Feb 23 Drift Bar, Portmouth, England
*Feb 24 Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton, England
*Feb 25 Montague Arms, London, England
*Feb 26 Star and Garter, Manchester, England
*Feb 28 13th Note, Glasgow, Scotland

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