Let the new Agent blå wash over you, STAB! out April 15th

Agent Blå came back with full force just over a month ago with the single "Discount", which was described as heavier and harder, even though the band avoided losing speed and pace. It was the first release in four years and for the first time in a really long time, it felt like the ground on which indie Gothenburg rests was moving a bit. Today, they share new single "Rain To You," like a steamroller that runs over everything. If the arrangement can be described as lively, Emelie Alato's voice drags itself forward over the loops with both melody and […]

Punchlove announces US tour dates, Channels out March 1st

Punchlove's debut album Channels is out March 1st with an already announced release show at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, followed by a US tour. Dates below. Preorder the limited blue vinyl and stream Dead Lands, Screwdriver and Guilt today. 2/28 Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right (Album Release) Tix 3/02 Brooklyn, NY - Fire Talk Record Store 3/07 Richmond, VA - Cobra Cabana 3/08 Ashville, NC - Static Age Records 3/09 Atlanta, GA - Inner Space 3/10 Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone Downstairs 3/11 New Orleands, LA - The Goat 3/14 Austin, TX - Dedstrange x Vancerts 3/15 Austin, TX […]

Punchlove shares Guilt at Brooklyn Vegan, preorder Channels on limited blue vinyl

Today, Brooklyn Vegan shared the new single "Guilt" from Punchlove's upcoming album debut Channels. “Guilt” begins to lead the record towards its conclusion by plunging into one of the least comforting emotions. Jillian says, “When you're a people-pleaser, people take advantage of you.”  Written between long drives during a strange and isolating summer in Nashville, this track examines the vicious cycle of guilt--from the lens of anxiety itself; guilt emanating from a perception of wrongdoing, then further guilt arising from the people who take advantage of that feeling. A warp of frustration and blame likely familiar to all of us, […]

Punchlove announces Channels for March 1st, shares the blistering Screwdriver today

Today, NYC quintet Punchlove announces Channels out March 1st and available on limited edition blue vinyl. Preorder today, first 40 orders will include a signed postcard. You can stream Screwdriver today. It sets a distinct tone for the album with the pace of a rock song and the melody of something approximating pop. “Memory’s a minefield,” Jillian sings, recalling the uncanny ability of the brain to change memories from nuanced to nostalgic and from complicated to unrealistically simple. Nostalgia and memory hold each other together in a twisted way, much like the crunching, frantic guitars and the sweet vocal melodies of this […]

Hoorsees releases third album "Big"

For two albums Parisian quartet Hoorsees received heaps of praise for their 90’s inspired sardonic, guitar pop steeped in equal parts melancholy and nostalgia. Returning with their third LP, Big, released today, Hoorsees channels less Pavement or Weezer and instead, embrace their French roots. Evolving a synth pop sensibility, they don’t manage to completely shake their adoration of American sounds though, complementing warm walls of electronic pads with angular riffs that pay tribute to The Strokes. Big is not just a stylistic shift for the band, but also a shift in responsibilities. For the first time, Alex Delamard (voice/guitar) shares lead vocal duties with Zoe Gilbert (vocals/bass), […]

Agent blå shares new single "Discount", announces preorder for STAB!

Agent blå (pronounced agent blue) is a Swedish indie pop band known for crafting dreamy soundscapes that blend elements of post-punk and shoegaze. Characterized by lush, reverb-soaked guitars, haunting melodies, and emotive vocals, Agent Blå's discography includes acclaimed albums Agent Blue (2017), a debut album released while still in their teens, and Morning Thoughts (2019), which continued to “distill a very specific blend of melancholy and lost innocence.” (All Music) Announcing today, new album STAB!, out April 12, 2024, brings a wider musical array with influences from krautrock, instrumental and psychedelic music, while still staying true to their post punk […]

Class of 2023

2023 is rapidly coming to an end, which means you have been inundated in year end lists. Sorry, not sorry. But here is what we had going on in 2023, and it was um... all over the map. Las Robertas spread "Love is the Answer" 🇨🇷, dust dropped some messages with debut "et cetera, etc." 🇦🇺, Nicole Yun's sophomore solo album "Matter"ed 🇺🇸🇰🇷, is Garden Centre still "Searching for a Stream"?🇬🇧 and Veps had their coming out party from "Oslo Park" 🇳🇴, while besties Blushing 🇺🇸 & Lucid Express 🇭🇰 released vinyl reissues "Tether/Weak" & "Floret" respectively. 2023 also marked […]

Meet Punchlove, get lost in the "Dead Lands" today

Today, NYC quintet Punchlove releases new single Dead Lands and announces signing to Kanine Records via Flood Magazine. Multi-instrumentalists Jillian Olesen, Ethan Williams, Joey Machina, Ian Lange-McPherson, and visual artist Viz Wel quietly evolved from a bedroom project to a headlining live phenom. Gearing up a densely layered bed of emotionally serrated pain-pop songs that coalesce around a digitally-stimulated, emotional brand of modern neo-shoegaze, Dead Lands is an emblematic first taste of what lies ahead. An instantly alt-radio-ready track, immediately dynamic yet losing none of the grit and darkness of the rest of the upcoming album, Dead Lands uses three […]

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