Nicole shares "Heavy Voices", Bandcamp vinyl campaign closing soon

Nicole Yun recently announced sophomore solo effort Matter with the release of single “Lost Keys,” which Brooklyn Vegan called “an unrelenting, dreamy indie pop track commenting on capitalism, money, and want.” Today, she is sharing “Heavy Voices” which is a very personal cut dealing with her experience as a Korean American woman.

Nicole says of the video (directed by Patrick Fitzgerald with cinematographer Alex Kent):

Heavy Voices is about facing anxieties, fears and intimidations head on, whether they      are real or perceived.  My personal experience in the past few years during the pandemic with these feelings were most heightened in the cross section of my identity being both Asian and a woman- fears for my safety, feelings of not belonging in the United States even though I was born here, disappointment and sadness that so many viewed Asian women as objects of fetishization and objects for violence and not as complete human beings. I hope that this video connects on a universal level that no matter who or what intrudes into your life, you can make a choice how to live and move in this world.  

Matter will be released digitally on April 14th and is available on transparent red vinyl exclusively at Bandcamp.

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