Nicole Yun announces solo album Paper Suit for June 7th, stream Supernatural Babe today

Nicole Yun, best known as the front-woman of indie rock trio Eternal Summers, saw her scrappy post punk band mature through a decade of touring and recording. A decade – a length of time that is twice or three times the duration of most musical acts today. For a change of pace she spent time lending her talents to other local bands. She organized house shows, gave her energy to her various odd jobs, and reveled at the newfound time away from touring to have a social life again. Filling her time still left her feeling dissatisfied. Thoughts of going back to school, a new career, perhaps even putting songwriting away for a while all seemed like viable options. Instead, Nicole wrote eight new songs, hopped on a train, and headed north from her Appalachian Virginia home to venture onto a new musical path.

The result is Paper Suit, the first solo album by Nicole Yun. It will be released on June 7th from Kanine Records, and Nicole says it reminds her of a 'me fronted Lemonheads.’”

Supernatural Babe is streaming everywhere today. Paper Suit is available for digital and cassette preorder at Bandcamp.

Nicole is playing Thursday June 13th @ Alphaville, Brooklyn


Side A
1. Tommie
2. Supernatural Babe
3. And After All
4. Maximum

Side B
5. Two Eyes
6. Destroy Me
7. Grand Prize
8. Stone Structure


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