Vinyl pressing half red, half blue. It will be a surprise what you get.

All it took was two weeks. Sometimes just one take.

Such is the spirit of Interrupt, Bleeding Rainbow’s fourth album. Due February 25th via Kanine Records, the foursome of Sarah Everton, Rob Garcia, Al Creedon, and Ashley Arnwine has stripped bare the layers that came to represent 2013’s Yeah Right. “We wanted to get back to writing more straight forward songs.” Though the band returned to Kyle Johnson to engineer and produce Interrupt with a stack of demos tested during long stretches on tour, the “efficient” Bleeding Rainbow went to Philadelphia’s Fancy Time Studios with brevity and an impending tour forefront in their minds.

The result, with a runtime south of 35 minutes, has Bleeding Rainbow matching their visceral live shows with an album’s worth of dressed down, feral and unrelenting punk-pop.



  1. Time & Place
  2. Tell Me
  3. Start Again
  4. So You Know
  5. Dead Head
  6. Out of Line
  7. Images
  8. Monochrome
  9. Cut Up
  10. Phase

Bleeding Rainbow - So You Know (Official Video)

Bleeding Rainbow "Images" [Official Video]

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