Correct Behavior

“Correct Behavior” is the sophomore full length from Virginia based Eternal Summers. Available in CD digipak (w/lyrics), colored vinyl gatefold LP (w/lyrics & mp3s download), and all digital sites on July 24th. Recorded in Virginia courtesy of the Magic Twig Community and mixed by Alonzo Vargas and Sune Rose Wagner, this album is a sonic step forward for Eternal Summers whom also added a permanent bassist to their lineup. Includes “Millions” , named Best New Track by Pitchfork.



  1. Millions
  2. Wonder
  3. You Kill
  4. I Love You
  5. It's Easy
  6. Girls in the City
  7. Heaven and Hell
  8. Good as You
  9. Disappear
  10. Summerset

Eternal Summers "Millions"

Eternal Summers "You Kill"

Eternal Summers-Good As You

Eternal Summers "I Love You" (official video: contest winner)

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