Jean on Jean

Molly Schnick’s new project, Jean on Jean is about feelings. When her longtime band Out Hud broke up in 2005, she started from the beginning. She bought audio recording software and a microphone and set about to write songs on cello and guitar that spoke to a time of tremendous change.

The results of her labors are the nine songs that make up the self-titled album Jean on Jean. The sound is warm, lush and orchestrated, like Colin Blunstone’s One Year or Judee Sill’s Heart Food. And like those records, the lyrics are personal, focused on the highs and lows that go along with any major change.



  1. Tonight
  2. Grown
  3. Change
  4. Cold Horse
  5. Summer
  6. Circle
  7. You and I
  8. Hawaii
  9. Finally

Jean on Jean "Tonight"

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