Coming Up X's

This is a vinyl 12″ single – the second single from the upcoming album. As the most straightforward and upbeat track, Coming Up X’s screamed for the remix treatment. Female Pixel Kaia Wong throws aside her keyboard and steps up from her backing vocal duties to provide lead vocals – resulting in a Blondie-esque dance floor hit. The remixes range from the electtro-weirdness of Poingly to Alan Astor’s lounge-ified mix. Books on Tape re-imagines the song with breakbeAts, while Streetlab provides the track with a dancefloor kick.



  1. Coming Up X's (Streetlab)
  2. Coming Up X's (Books on Tape)
  3. Coming Up X's (Poingly)
  4. Coming Up X's (album version)
  5. Coming Up X's (Alan Astor Remix)
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