Contact Kid

Contact Kid Mixel Pixel use obscure video game samples and sublime lyricism making a unique electro-folk style that pushes the envelope of popular music. The Mixel Pixel sound is, at its core, electronic, punky, paranoid, and half-Japanese; an overall by-product of growing up in the 1980’s. It is irreverently experimental, with its hot pink ghetto blasting beats, quirky guitar changes, folk interludes and imagist lyrics. Live they incorporate video projection for an overall visual and aural experience that completely envelops the audience. For fans of: The Unicorns, The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Atari Video Games



  1. I am the Contact Kid
  2. Mantis Rock
  3. Penny Rocket/Romantic
  4. Little Wolverine
  5. Tell Tale Drum Machine
  6. Out of my Mind
  7. At the Arcade
  8. Gas House Gables
  9. Pittsburgh Brain
  10. The Drag City Starlet

Mixel Pixel "At The Arcade"

Mixel Pixel "Tell Tale Drum Machine"

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