Duel at Dawn

After releasing their EP Fighting Style Killer Panda earlier this year, the curiously named duo Mommy and Daddy is quickly sapping the demand for more with the full length Duel at Dawn. Continuing where their EP left off, their punk-party sound is laced with sing-a-long choruses, mini-intervals of shouting and the catchy clap along interludes that force you to smile and shake. Duel at Dawn, however, also has a slightly darker edge, heightening the dirtiness, the intensity of the vocals, and the fuzzy, jagged base lines, quickly proving that their music is infectious, eccentric, and difficult to turn off. For fans of: Le Tigre, PiL, The Faint or Yeah Yeah Yeahs.



  1. Pretty Loser
  2. A Good Deal
  3. Cops
  4. Way West Way
  5. Lost the Plot
  6. Top Down
  7. The Streets Have Come Alive
  8. Franconia Road
  9. Already Warm
  10. Full
  11. So Far, So Good

Mommy and Daddy's "Franconia Road"

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