Mommy and Daddy

Mommy and Daddy is the leading New York power couple. With sexy, hard-hitting drum machine beats, dirty, fuzzed-out bass lines and smoldering boy/girl vocals, Mommy and Daddy sounds like a tag team steel cage match between Le Tigre, Motorhead, B-52s and The Misfits. Vivian Sarratt and Edmond Hallas worked together on several projects before forming Mommy and Daddy in June 2002. Their formula is simple: when she sings and pushes buttons, he plays bass guitar. When he sings and hits the machine, she is on bass. Live, the duo rips it up, “like baby tigers on Ritalin” (Drowned in Sound) no matter what they’re doing. The band has released two critically acclaimed 7 inch singles and one full-length, ingeniously titled Live How You Listen on Big Cat Records (UK only). Kanine Records, big fans of Mommy and Daddy for ages (see Next Wave compilation), was super-psyched to be putting out their first proper US release, Fighting Style Killer Panda. The EP received great press and Ed and Viv toured with bands such as Static Age,United States of Electronica, Chariots, and Eyes Like Knives. Their next album was recorded before they set out on tour; Duel at Dawn, was released Sept. 27th.


Mommy and Daddy's "Franconia Road"

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