Better Already

Northern State has been busy recording a new full length, their third. While recording, the girls reported from the studio, “We’ve been writing some rock songs and some hip hop songs and some other kinds of songs. We have been doing an unprecedented amount of singing, and we are no longer allowed to hold writing sessions at the Rodeo Bar. We have either lost our mind completely or we are making the best record of our career. You decide.” Well, we here at Kanine decided, it’s their best yet – and we picked two songs that typify the “other kinds of songs” or their “new direction” and pressed it onto some beautiful black VINYL complete with colorful jacket. The A side contains two tracks off their upcoming third full length album and the B side contains exclusive remixes. This will be limited, get it now!



  1. Better Already
  2. Away Away
  3. Better Already (Hired Goons PVC remix)
  4. Away Away (Dub remix)

Northern State - "Better Already" Ipecac Recordings

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