NY: The Next Wave

If you’re digging the New York rock scene and want to hear tracks from the city’s rising stars, check this: Kanine Records is releasing NY: The Next Wave, an incredible collection of 20 bands that are getting lots of Big Apple buzz. You can pick up the CD at Other Music, Kim’s (both stores), Rebel Rebel, Beacon’s Closet, Ear Wax, Something Else, Newbury Comics, www.insound.com, www.interpunk.com, and www.kaninerecords.com.

Sea Ray “Revelry”
The Flesh “Death Connection”
The Fever “Labor of Love”
Awek “If You Win (It’s Cause I Let You)”
Aerial Love Feed “Pedestal”
Mazing Vids “In Two”
Four Volts “Anna the Marigold”
Bastion “Dance”
Stellastarr* Homeland”
Blue Sparks “Car Crash”
HotSocky “Time Bomb”
The Inflatablemen “False Start”
Mommy and Daddy “Take It”
The Boxes “Boys N Cameros”
Elefant “Bokkie”
Rogerhumanbeing “Boston Whaler Daze”
Oxford Collapse “For Buds Not Boston”
Shorebirds “Mic Check 1,2"
My Favorite “My Life with the Living Dead”
Electro Putas “From Time to Time”

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