Pepper Rabbit’s debut album ‘Beauregard’ is to be released October 26th. Vinyl comes with mp3s. Cd is digipak. Musically, Pepper Rabbit might fall between American experimental indie bands like Beirut and Neutral Milk Hotel, but one listen to Beauregard, immediately sets them apart. Weaving banjos, trumpets, warm electric guitars, pianos, ukuleles, pounding drums, clarinets, and the subtle tones of Xander’s voice, Pepper Rabbit constructs complex yet unabashedly pop, mini-masterpieces.



  1. Clarinet Song
  2. Harvest Moon
  3. In the Spirit of Beauregard
  4. Red Wine
  5. Snowalker
  6. Older Brother
  7. None Shall Sleep
  8. Song for a Pump Organ
  9. Babette!
  10. Send in the Horns

Pepper Rabbit "Harvest Moon"

Pepper Rabbit plays Older Brother at Sasquatch 2011

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