Professor Murder Rides the Subway

Professor Murder’s sound is as informed by hip-hop, bootleg mixtapes, downloaded mp3s and club nights, as it is by 70s and 80s post-punk. In early 2005 the band nixed the guitar from their line-up which pushed them to rethink their music from the ground up. Their aim was to create a sound that distilled the many disparate soundtracks to their lives in New York City. The result, as captured with the help of the production duo The Brothers, is a rythm-heavy dance sound littered with reggae, funk, and hip-hop. After you pick up the album, you’ll want to check them out live – it’s one big dance party!



  1. Champion
  2. Pedigree
  3. The Mountain
  4. Camron's New Color (Pt. 3)
  5. Free Stress Test
  6. Free Stress Test (Mixel Pixel remix)
  7. Free Stress Test ( Cap N Jones caps and gowns mix)

Professor Murder - Cam´ron´s new color (part 3)

Professor Murder Free Stress Test Pitchfork Festival 2007

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