7” vinyl featuring the non-album single “Hell” and our cover of “Laid” (James), featuring lead vocals from Jen Goma who also performs in A Sunny Day in Glasgow. The vinyl also comes with a digital download code that contains the aforementioned tracks as well as our cover of “Ballad of The Band” (Felt) and “China” (Tori Amos).

Released for Record Store Day 2016 in Germany by Unter + Schafen Records, we have received 30 copies of the release and would like to share them with our fans that may not have had the good fortune of doing their record shopping in Europe. 20 will be available online via Kanine Records, while the other 10 will be available at Cake Shop in New York (152 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002).


  1. Hell
  2. Laid
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