Triple Your Work Force

Triple Your Work Force is Four Volts debut CD LP with “elements that should appeal to almost anybody,” (Music for Robots) including pop, punk, shoegaze and indie-rock. If you’re into blur, the pixies, television personalities or my bloody valentine, we’re telling you, you’ll love this CD. Upon receiving the CD ‘Sup Magazine writer said, “this is hot as piss…I was not prepared for its awesomeness.” So you’ve got ’til Jan 18th to prepare yourself for Four Volts.



  1. Didn't You Used to be Invisible?
  2. Heartworm (ooh ooh song)
  3. Bedlam on the Beat
  4. Mary Said
  5. Andy Likes His Gravy
  6. I'm Not A Psyche-o-path
  7. Rearrange Me
  8. She Muddied the Water
  9. Outpost
  10. Way In
  11. Hat Trick
  12. Sunday Night

Four Volts "Heartworm (ooh ooh song)"

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