Four Volts

Four Volts music is noisy, brutish, pop, shoegaze and punk all rolled up into powerful sonic blasts. They’ve had releases on Transcopic (Graham Coxon, Blur guitarist’s label), Little Teddy Recording Co. (home to Television Personalities) and Bumble Bear. Their fan list includes Calvin “K” Johnson, Beck, Blur and the Television Personalities. They’ve played with British Sea Power, the Futureheads, Graham Coxon, Sportique, and others from the indie elite.

In January 2005, their full-length debut, Triple Your Work Force, which was recorded with Martin Bisi (Boredoms, Sonic Youth, as well as new artists the Dresden Dolls & the Flesh), was released, quickly receiving great local and national press. Enough name dropping, pick up this CD and check out an amazing band that defines the word indie and bridges the gap between NYC and London. And for fans of vinyl, Little Teddy made an amazing VINYL press!


Four Volts "Heartworm (ooh ooh song)"

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