You are the Beat

Dream Diary debut album, You are the Beat, reflects the heavy influence the early 90′s indie music scene in Glasgow has on lead singer/guitarist Jacob Sloan. Drawing inspiration from records spanning from The Pastels and The Smiths to Belle & Sebastian, this collection of beautifully arranged and richly orchestrated pop songs was written for the starry-eyed dreamers to dance and make out to. Fans of early Creation and Sarah Records (especially Brighter! Yay Brighter!) will instantly fall in love with Dream Diary’s sweet, bouncy and twee-flavored songs. Available in CD didi and red LP gatefold + mp3s.



  1. Paper Flowers
  2. Is He Really Mine
  3. Something Tells Her
  4. Bird in my Garden
  5. Forever
  6. El Lissitzky
  7. Young Veronica
  8. Tombs of Love
  9. She has a Way
  10. Audrey of Spirits

Paper Flowers

Something Tells Her

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