Let the new Agent blå wash over you, STAB! out April 15th

Agent Blå came back with full force just over a month ago with the single "Discount", which was described as heavier and harder, even though the band avoided losing speed and pace. It was the first release in four years and for the first time in a really long time, it felt like the ground on which indie Gothenburg rests was moving a bit.

Today, they share new single "Rain To You," like a steamroller that runs over everything. If the arrangement can be described as lively, Emelie Alato's voice drags itself forward over the loops with both melody and rhythm, ending in a classic primal scream that manifests the madness we constantly tend to live out.

Glorifying the simpler moments while surrounded by uncertainty, over and over again. Convincing yourself that you’re content with only being an afterthought, playing by the moon’s rules of coming and going as it pleases. “You’re the moon to me. I was rain to you”

New album STAB! is out April 12th and brings a wider musical array with influences from krautrock, instrumental and psychedelic music, while still staying true to their post punk heritage. Stream Rain To You, Discount and preorder STAB! on vinyl today.

“A stunning new single” Under the Radar

“Seamlessly incorporates post punk and shoegaze influences, presenting a distinctive sound characterized by reverberating guitars, evocative melodies, and poignant vocals” Darkeninheart

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