Beach Day Daytrotter Session is posted

"A perfect summer romance is one that has a beginning and an end. It's one that never grew tiresome. It's one that could be slipped off and replaced with something a little more normal, a little more lasting. There's no question what constitutes a great one or a bad one, but the delusion is that they should follow you into the fall and that's just not the case. You should never see that person that you were flirting and gallivanting around with for three months without that seasoned tan. They should always have that sunburn red and brown to their skin. You shouldn't even be able to recognize them in their post-winter pastiness. These are the kind of romances that don't happen forever. The likelihood of them occurring goes down considerably once those college years have expired. These romances are tied to youth and because of that, there can be even more uncertainty to them. It's about being led from one party to the next, from one pretty face to another, with the thought that there's not a lot of time to capitalize upon." Read more and download the sessionat Daytrotter


1 Welcome to Daytrotter

2 Beach Day

3 Oh Baby

4 Seventeen

5 Boys

Daytrotter photo by Johnnie Cluney


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