Living Hour is at SXSW and on tour

Softer Faces is Bandcamp Album of the Day and Out Now!

"A hyper-present vision of dream pop" Bandcamp

Living Hour At SXSW

Mar 12 KVRX Showcase - Love Goat 4pm
Mar 12 Melted Magazine Showcase - DM for address 5:45pm
Mar 12 Official Showcase - Coopers BBQ 12am

MAR 13 Flitch fest - Flitch Coffee 5pm

MAR 14 Breakout West Showcase - Bungalow 2:45pm
MAR 14 Grey Estates Showcase - Hole in the Wall 5:45pm

MAR 15 Music For Listeners - Lazarus Brew Co 12pm

03/16 - Salado - Barrow
03/18 - Phoenix - Lunchbox
03/22 - Los Angeles - The Factory
03/23 - Las Vegas - Starboard Tack
03/25 - Billings - Kirk’s Grocery
03/28 - WECC Record Release Winnipeg

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