Living Hour's Softer Faces out today!


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NPR New Music Friday: Our Top 6 Albums Out On March 1 “I would have died to play Living Hour on college radio in 1992. They are right in there with bands like Mazzy Star and Slowdive and Cocteau Twins. That dreamy, swoony, beautiful sound but man, you listen to the guitar line in that song, and it is so structurally and melodically sturdy. It’s just pulling you along so gently through this music.”

Bandcamp Essential Release: “Best experienced as a whole album, Softer Faces is a fitting title for a gentle record that invites the listener to sink in and stay awhile.”

Paste Magazine 10 Albums to Stream Today “The five-piece’s latest effort sounds like they’re reaching upward and outward. Their guitars are getting gauzier and their choruses are soaring higher with every song. Fans of Cocteau Twins might find an heir apparent in Living Hour if they keep heading in this direction.”

All Music 3 1/2 star review: "Living Hour weave fleeting dissonance, polyrhythms, brass instruments, and shifting time signatures into their hazy guitar and keyboard textures"

Living Hour is on tour:

03/01 - Minneapolis - The Fallout
03/02 - Chicago - The Hideout
03/03 - Bloomington - The Bishop
03/04 - Cincinatti - MOTR
03/05 - Washington DC - Songbyrd
03/06 - Brooklyn - Rough Trade In Store
03/07 - NY - Pianos (New Colossus Fest)
03/08 - Roanoke - Billy's Barn
03/09 - Savannah - Savannah Stopover
03/10 - Athens - World Famous

March 12 : KVRX Showcase - 4:00 pm @ The Love Goat - 2716 Guadalupe St
March 12: Melted Magazine Showcase, 5:55pm @ 1105 w 22 ½ st
March 12: Official Showcase, Cooper’s BBQ, midnight @ 217 Congress
March 13: Flitch Fest, 5:00pm @ 641 Tillery
March 14: Break Out West Showcase, 3:00pm @ 92 Rainey St
March 15: Music for Listeners, Noon at 1902 E 6th street

03/16 - Salado - Barrow
03/18 - Phoenix - Lunchbox
03/22 - Los Angeles - The Factory
03/23 - Las Vegas - Starboard Tack
03/25 - Billings - Kirk’s Grocery
03/28 - WECC Record Release Winnipeg

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