Pinact 'Stand Still and Rot' is out today!

Pinact has been called “An accessible entry point into Glasgow's thriving punk scene,” (NME) and "Scotland's brightest hope for music" (Wax Music). Stand Still and Rot is full of “Sugary pop songs played like fast, shambolic punk songs” (Brooklyn Vegan) and “The music itself feels like a refresher of the best of what punk music has given us over the past decade and a half.” (Subba Cultcha) Produced by MJ of Hookworms, they "have moulded a high-energy fuzz-filled sound - complete with slick pop melodies" (Noisey), and "The record itself it bursting with noisy energy. It's playful, packed with tunes and not afraid to rock." (Overblown Zine UK)

Stand Still and Rot is now available on your favorite download and streaming site!

Please add Pinact to your playlist and share with friends! Cassettes are nearly sold out!

“The energy and passion is already abundantly present on these studio recordings, but on stage, in front of some equally pumped music fans is where these songs and this band truly belong.” - Scottish Fiction

“Pinact are one such pair of musicians that are smashing through the sound barrier as they rampage with barricades with guitars made of solid steel.” - Ransom Note Click to read the full Interview at Ransom Note

“Their chaotic dynamic carries with it so much ease, exuding fuzz at every turn.” - The 405

“It’s noisy, it’s punk, it’s reverb drenched and fuzz soaked, but beneath that is the beating heart of pop melodies and lyrics...” - Amazing Radio

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