Cocoon of Love

Princeton’s debut album Cocoon of Love “offers up a strong impression of who Princeton are and what they’re about: gorgeous pop hooks, delightful little storylines, and a heaping helping of band-geeky multi-instrumentalism.” All Music



  1. Sadie & Andy
  2. Show Some Love When Your Man Gets Home
  3. Calypso Gold
  4. Korean War Memorial
  5. Stunner Shades in Heaven
  6. Martina and Clive Krantz
  7. Shout It Out
  8. Sylvie
  9. I Left My Love in Nagasaki
  10. Worried Head
  11. The Wild

Calypso Gold by Princeton

Princeton "Martina and Clive Krantz"

Princeton "Shout It Out" live at Paste

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