"The Blow" out today in Europe! NME review 8/10

8/10 NME review of "The Blow"
Out today in Europe!

The Blow came close to the zenith of DIY pop perfection in 2006 with ‘Paper Television’. One album and one year later, singer and songwriter Khaela Maricich’s first mate Jona Bechtolt jumped ship to focus on Yacht. Now, with Melissa Dyne by her side, Maricich returns. And Dyne’s rudimentary instrumentation is spacious enough to give due attention to her singer’s witty lyrics (“Since I got jumped by The Girl Of The Month Club/I ascended from dumper to dumper” on ‘I Tell Myself Everything’). The duo are specialists in shining a light on a tricky love affair, a skill best displayed on ‘Hey,’ a budget ’80s pop anthem featuring a talking cleavage. No-one actually ever put out a request for an indie Pet Shop Girls, but thank goodness The Blow decided to do it anyway.
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