The Blow tops Bob Boilen's 2013 Album List & "Make It Up" NPR's Top 100 songs

The Blow's  "Make It Up" makes NPR's 2013 Top 100 songs

"Aided by an irrepressible synth bounce, the fascinating Khaela Maricich reminds us there's no right way to be in love — and that that is both the most exciting and terrifying thing about it."

Bob Boilen's top Albums of 2013

#1 "A perfect mix of music and performance art, the voice/stories/songs of Khaela Maricich match beautifully with the electronic backbone/textures of Melissa Dyne. This is a spare record that I found a refreshing counterbalance to the world of electronica, where the incessant beats can be both amazing and suffocating. The Blow is a breath of fresh air."

The Blow's album is available here

and the recently released You're My Light (Gun Drum Mix) here



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