Vice/Noisey premieres Splashh video for "Headspins"

Directed by Toto Vivian (of Splashh).

“Check out the video in all its amateur video/beer chugging glory above.” Read more at Vice

Splashh toured the US earlier this spring. They filmed a lot of their journey. When they got home, they edited to Headspins, the opening track of their debut album ‘Comfort’. It’s out in the US now – and links for download, purchasing physical and streaming are all here. As an aside we’ve never met anyone more excited to tour America than this crew – and excited to play beer pong. Watch to see where they spent their day off – and then decide if this isn’t the band that you would ever want to hop into a van and tour with! Also, we think there is an ode to ‘Astro Coast’ at :51 and look closely for a shot of the Kanine house!

Splashh is currently playing beer pong – we mean touring Europe & Australia.

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