Welcome Splashh. 'Comfort' out Jun 4. US tour in April. 'Sun Kissed Bliss' debut at Spin.

SPLASHH – nothing to do with the band Splash or the new reality TV show, Splashh with an extra H, come to us from Australasia via the London’s east end. Their US debut named “Comfort” is set for release June 4th. In anticipation of the release, Splashh is touring America in April and premiering “Sun Kissed Bliss” on Spin.

Visit Spin Magazine to hear new track “Sun Kissed Bliss”

“Comfort” tracklisting

1. Headspins
2. All I Wanna Do
3. Need It
4. Vacation
5. So Young
6. Lemonade
7. Feels Like You
8. Washed Up
9. Strange Fruit
10. Lost Your Cool

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