Jean on Jean releases self-titled album

- eMusic “We really, really love this record….’Tonight,’ the first song, is the real hit, a soundtrack kind of song, grandiose, emotive and evocative. So good.” - Other Music “This is sweet melancholy folk-pop, focused around Schnick’s haunting and beautiful multi-tracked vocals and introspective poetry.”

Chairlift's "Bruises" soundtracks the new iPod Nano commercial

Watch the iPod commercial on youtube

Pitchfork reviews Triple Your Work Force 7.7

"This Long Island quartet began life under the moniker/cease-and-desist magnet Bunsen Honeydew. After two 7" singles, the loss of their original drummer, and a call from the lawyers, they reconvened under the less-imaginative-- albeit less litigious-- Four Volts. As befits a band who found inspiration in a Muppet, Four Volts sound extremely spirited, sometimes goofy, and occasionally hilarious." Read the full review at Pitchfork

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