Record Store Day Saturday April 19, 2014 Update

The Record Store Day list has been announced - and we'd like to update you on what you can expect from Kanine Records on the day. First off,

    Elastica self-titled debut album vinyl reissue has been moved to May 20th!

It is sadly delayed. It hasn't been pressed in about 10 years - so what is another month. You can take a leisurely stroll into your local shop on May 20th and pick up a copy! And a limited amount are now available for pre-order from our site!

As for April 19th, you'll still want to be on the look out for 3 other releases. Links are below with more info on each release.

Various Artists: Non Violent Femmes

Fear of Men: Loom (deluxe vinyl)

Surfer Blood: Pythons demos

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