That's a wrap on 2019!

Thank you 2019!

Shout out to the Canadians Tallies with their excellent self-titled debut  and Living Hour with their dreamy "Softer Faces."

And to team UK: with new comers Honey Lung and their compilation of early recordings "Memory" and the singular Max Levy of Garden Centre with his A Moon For Digging.

And to Brooklyn's Weeping Icon with their fierce self-titled debut. And Nicole Yin's solo debut Paper Suit. And Sweden's Agent blå released sophomore album "Morning Thoughts".

New signing Honey Cutt released single "Suburban Dream" and Pearl Charles released single Sweet Sunshine Wine. Look for more from both of them in 2020.

Check out  our all new playlist on Spotify and our 2019 YouTube playlist.

Streaming links and links to each 2019 release in our store below.

Stream Tallies

Stream Softer Faces

Stream A Moon For Digging

Stream Paper Suit

Stream Weeping Icon

Stream Memory

Stream Morning Thoughts

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