BRAIDS’ was formed by four best friends in their last year of High School in Calgary, Alberta. Convincing one another to skip university, they stayed in the garage all year and practiced obsessively, even while their fingers froze during the cold prairie winters. Then, at only 18 years old, they took the bold step of moving across the country together to Montreal, where they began crafting their self recorded/self produced debut album Native Speaker.

Oscillating between density and spaciousness, BRAIDS’ sound is not easy to define. The members construct music which is ample and rolling, perhaps alluding to the landscapes of their youth, but filled with radical texture and startling immediacy, an influence of their more recent surroundings. Delicate layering gives their experimental pop epics just enough breath to playfully explore the depth of ambient melody. Though BRAIDS dives into moments of deep obscurity and sonic experimentation, there remains embedded within the music the hypnosis of an unforgettable pop tune.

Debut, Native Speaker, is the accumulation of months of meticulous craft-work to properly capture the band’s entrancing live performance. The albums’ songs were tested and shaped through numerous performances and lyrical massages, resulting in work that is brilliant in detail and structure. Averaging over 6 minutes and never coming in under 4, the tracks on Native Speaker maintain a deep seeded focus.

  • Nov 12, 2020
    Cambridge, United Kingdom
    The Portland Arms
  • Nov 14, 2020
    Guildford, United Kingdom
  • Nov 15, 2020
    Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Nov 17, 2020
    Liverpool, United Kingdom
    PHASE ONE - Liverpool
  • Nov 18, 2020
    Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Nov 19, 2020
    Leeds, United Kingdom
    Headrow House
  • Nov 21, 2020
    City Centre, United Kingdom
    The Cookie
  • Nov 22, 2020
    Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Nov 24, 2020
    London, United Kingdom
    Moth Club
  • Nov 25, 2020
    Paris, France
  • Nov 26, 2020
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Vessel 11
  • Nov 27, 2020
    Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Nov 29, 2020
    Berlin, Germany
    Kantine am Berghain
  • Dec 2, 2020
    Schorndorf, Germany
    Club Manufaktur e. V.
  • Dec 3, 2020
    Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Dec 6, 2020
    København Sv, Denmark
    VEGA - Musikkens Hus, Lille VEGA

Braids - Plath Heart (Official Music video)

BRAIDS - Lammicken


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