For two albums Parisian quartet Hoorsees received heaps of praise for their 90’s inspired sardonic, guitar pop steeped in equal parts melancholy and nostalgia. Returning with their third LP, Big, to be released January 12, 2024 through Howlin’ Banana and Kanine Records, Hoorsees channels less Pavement or Weezer and instead, embraces their French roots. Evolving into a hyper pop sound, they don’t manage to completely shake out their adoration of American sounds, though this time they lean into the riffs of the Strokes “Is This It”. For the first time, Alex Delamard (voice/guitar) shares lead vocal duties with Zoe Gilbert (vocals/bass), with both continuing to be backed by Thomas Gachod (guitar/keyboard) and Nicolas Coste (drums).

“With a scruffy slacker demeanor coupled with emotive, heart-on-their-sleeve writing, the band perfectly encapsulates young adult boredom and frustration.” UNDER THE RADAR

“Catchy, fuzzy, and charmingly sardonic guitar-pop” KEXP

“The quartet brings those old school melodies we heard in high school back to life, while surfing a post-adolescent sensibility, somewhere between melancholy and romanticism." LES INROCKS

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