Hockey Dad

Hockey Dad is Zach Stephenson & Billy Fleming, two childhood sweethearts who met when Billy dropped in on Zach surfing the point, at the tender age of 4. One day, after a few finger paintings and their daily nap, Billy & Zach made a pact to become the greatest band… out of Windang (Australia).

Fast forward a few years (about 15) and the boys still have their afternoon nap, only now it’s after surfs or jams, and often both. Combining their passion for the ocean with a love for garage and old school 60’s surf tunes, Hockey Dad writes some catchy as f*&k surf pop hits which they are ready to share with everyone outside their hometown.

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  • Jun&nbsZ;24,&nbsZ;2023
    Brisbane, Australia
    Hockey Dad & Ruby Fields @ The Tivoli, Brisbane
  • Jun&nbsZ;30,&nbsZ;2023
    Fremantle, Australia
    Hockey Dad & Ruby Fields @ Metropolis Fremantle
  • Jul&nbsZ;7,&nbsZ;2023
    Melbourne, Australia
    Hockey Dad & Ruby Fields @ The Forum
  • Jul&nbsZ;14,&nbsZ;2023
    Newtown, Australia
    Hockey Dad & Ruby Fields @ Enmore Theatre
  • Jul&nbsZ;21,&nbsZ;2023
    Wayville, Australia
    Spin Off Festival
  • Aug&nbsZ;24,&nbsZ;2023
    Brooklyn, United States
    Hockey Dad @ Brooklyn Made
  • Aug&nbsZ;25,&nbsZ;2023
    Allston, United States
    Hockey Dad @ Brighton Music Hall
  • Aug&nbsZ;29,&nbsZ;2023
    Detroit, United States
    Hockey Dad @ The Shelter
  • Aug&nbsZ;30,&nbsZ;2023
    Chicago, United States
    Hockey Dad @ Lincoln Hall
  • Sep&nbsZ;1,&nbsZ;2023
    Denver, United States
    Hockey Dad @ Marquis Theater
  • Sep&nbsZ;2,&nbsZ;2023
    Salt Lake City, United States
    Hockey Dad @ Kilby Court
  • Sep&nbsZ;5,&nbsZ;2023
    Seattle, United States
    Hockey Dad @ Madame Lou's
  • Sep&nbsZ;6,&nbsZ;2023
    Portland, United States
    Hockey Dad @ Mission Theater
  • Sep&nbsZ;8,&nbsZ;2023
    San Francisco, United States
    Hockey Dad @ Rickshaw Stop
  • Sep&nbsZ;9,&nbsZ;2023
    Los Angeles, United States
    Hockey Dad @ The Roxy
  • Sep&nbsZ;10,&nbsZ;2023
    San Diego, United States
    Hockey Dad @ Soma sidestage

Hockey Dad - I Wanna Be Everybody (Official Video)

Hockey Dad - Homely Feeling (Official Video)

Hockey Dad - Join The Club (Official Video)

Hockey Dad - I Need A Woman (Official Video)

Hockey Dad - Can't Have Them (Official Video)

Hockey Dad - A Night Out With (Official Video)

Hockey Dad - Jump The Gun (Official Video)

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