Nicole Yun

Nicole Yun, best known as the front-woman of indie rock trio Eternal Summers, saw her scrappy post punk band mature through a decade of touring and recording. A decade – a length of time that is twice or three times the duration of most musical acts today.  While she considered going back to school, a new career, or even putting songwriting away for awhile, she ended up heading north from her Appalachian Virginia home to venture on a new musical path. The result was 2019's first solo album, Paper Suit.

For 2023, Nicole announced Matter, an extremely personal album that deals with her experience as a Korean American woman in the last 3 years. Matter explores concepts of race and inclusion, the meaning of capitalism, drawing on personal experiences with discrimination. The songs run the gamut of crisp and structured power pop to guttural, massive confessional anthems with a breeziness that betrays the title.

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